What Are The Different Ways To Pre-plan For Your Own Funeral?

It may sounds funny to some people that a funeral can be pre-planned, but you may not know, pre-planned funerals are getting more common nowadays as it is considered one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones after you pass away. Such planning saves the headaches for your loved ones to experience the process of planning a funeral for you. It is during that time that a lot of difficult decisions need to be made during a small time frame after your death and you are the best person to do so, since this funeral is meant for you.

There are many ways to pre-plan a funeral but in this article, we are going to share with you a few most discussed and common ways to do it right.

First method is to do it in writing (or we called it a written pre-planned funeral or Family Record Guide) and usually this is solely documented by you with majority of the details in writing. It is the most basic form and though it is simple, it is still sufficient to cover quite a fair bit of your final plans and preferences which can be helpful for your loved ones in time of need.

Second method is what we called a pre-need plan. It is a more complete form and involves prepayment of all funeral expenses. It is usually regarded as an “all-regarded” end of life plan because it allows you to plan all your funeral needs and at the same time, purchase a funeral insurance policy to cover all the finance costs involved.

The last method is similar to pre-need plan but is even better which is known as a final expense plan. It works exactly the same as pre-need plan, except that instead of just covering the total costs involved in the funeral, it also provides additional monies that can be used to cover other expenses such as settling any outstanding loan or income taxes etc.

What method you choose to pre-plan your funeral you have to ensure that you must be very comfortable with it. Of course a final expense plan will be the best but it costs more hence you need to see if you are financially capable of buying such a policy in the first place. Make sure that you meet your needs but also within your own limits.

What Are The Different Cemetery Options You Can Have?

It is grieving when our loved ones pass away and as their closed ones, we would hope that they do so happily and peacefully. Most people do not choose the cemetery option for themselves hence likely if you are reading this article, you have at the situation where you need to decide how you are going to handle it for your loved ones. There are many options available out there and you need to decide which is more suitable for him or her.

First, you need to decide whether you wish to go for cremation or standard burial. While the latter allows you to continue to visit your loved ones after the burial, the former will still allow you to do so.

If you decide to go for standard burial, you can consider normal burial, natural burial (or green burial). Natural burial involves burying the body naturally into the soil so that it will recycle itself and will not decompose.

If you decide to go for cremation, you can consider scattering the ashes into the sea or area which is memorable and meaningful to your loved ones. However, not everyone is favourable of this idea as it means the ashes of your loved one will be gone for good. You may be left with nothing so you can’t visit him/her next time as and when you wish. Unless this is the last wishes that come from your loved one before he or she passes away, otherwise we do not recommend this idea. Another option after cremation is to keep the ashes in a cremation urn in a cemetery so that you can visit him or her later. You may also say prayers, or leave flowers next time whenever you feel like doing so.

When making such decision, you have to consider the personal wishes of your departed loved ones and at the same time, your own needs and feelings too. In most cases, you will need to give a careful thought about how your decision can affect your and your family too. There may not be a best decision made, but after all, you can have a clear conscious that you have done your best. You will continue to lead your life with a piece of mind. Your departed one; will continue to stay in your heart, forever, and ever. You shall always feel connected to him or her, no matter what has happened.