Choosing The Right Headstone That May Probably Last For Hundred Of Years

Choosing the right headstone allows it to last for probably hundreds of years; hence it is important for us to pick the right material from the start. We need to know how to choose headstones that will be used for the graves before we go about getting a monument.

What is a headstone and why is it important to have one?

It is usually made of stone and located over the position where the deceased’s casket is buried. Details of the deceased like name, birth date and date of death are often crafted on it to identify the buried person. Without such a marker, it will be pretty tough to differentiate the graves in the cemetery and locate the right one of your loved one. As such, a headstone is also known as a grave marker.

Why is it important to choose the right headstone?

Most people are not aware that it is more than just a grave marker. If you are tasked to buy a headstone yourself, it is crucial for you to learn the important points below to save you the trouble and money for choosing the wrong one.

1. Choose the right material

You need to know that stones for headstones do not belong to only one type. They are many different types of stone and each type comes with a different budget too. However, the most commonly used type for headstone will be marble, sandstone, slate, granite and limestone. To construct one, different types of materials are also used e.g. bronze, wood and iron.

2. Choose the right shape and form

There are usually 2 types of headstone for graves. One type is known as flat headstones where they are laid flat on the ground and it is mostly used. Another type is known as upright headstones where they stand tall on the ground. Some people love to go for upright headstones simply because the latter are easier to identify. Of course, different types of headstone come into different sizes and weight; hence you need to consider the space and weight constraints too.

3. Learn about the restrictions set by the cemetery

Most people are not aware that many cemeteries have restricted the type of headstone we can use. Some cemeteries have most restrictions and some have lesser, however, and the material, size and design regulations are usually the cases. It is essential that you not just listen to your monument companies, but also speak to the person-in-charge of the cemetery yourself to learn about it. If possible, you should pay a personal visit to the cemetery yourself to look out for any limitation.

4. Check out the fees involved

Not every cemetery offers the service of installing the headstone for you. If it does, they would usually charge you a fee and the fees vary from cemetery to cemetery. Try to do price comparison before you come to a decision on which cemetery to go for. Otherwise, the monument company might be able to help you with the installation but do check out the fees involved too. Another thing to take note of is the maintenance fees. Many cemeteries charge you an on-going fee as long as the grave and headstone are located within, hence, you should find out more about it too.

In Summary

You need to know that choosing a headstone is not an easy task and you can’t just let your monument company handling everything without yourself knowing the details. We do not choose one based its material or orientation. There are other details to consider such as the designs and shape forms etc. If you wish to get a headstone that symbolizes love and purity, you can opt for a dove form in white. If your wish to get one that symbolizes innocence, well you choose go for one in lamb form. The headstone you choose for your loved ones will show your love and respect you have for the one whom departed.

8 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Headstone That May Probably Last For Hundred Of Years

  1. It is good to know that I need to check with the cemetery regarding their restrictions for headstones. I would not want to get one that I like that the cemetery does not allow. Hopefully, doing a little research now will lead to a worry-free process.

  2. I appreciate your tip on how different headstone materials come with different budgets. I would imagine that you would have to know your finances fairly well when you go to pick out which material to use. My parents are planning their own funerals before they pass away so they should consider the budget when they decide on the material to use.

  3. Thanks for the great tips. You wrote that you should consider different materials such as marble, sandstone, slate, granite and limestone. I’m sure that the different materials have different benefits, such as how long they will last. If I’m ever in need of a grave marker, I’ll be sure to find a good funeral home that can help point me towards the perfect marker for my loved one.

  4. I really like your point about looking at the different types of material and deciding which will fit into your budget. Since we just recently had a death in the family, it would be nice to see all of the options that we had. Plus, we might be able to afford something that will last a bit longer than usual.

  5. In your article, you stated that they are many different types of stone and each type comes with a different budget too, and the most commonly used type for headstone will be marble, sandstone, slate, granite and limestone. My friend called me last night because his father passed away after a battle with cancer and they are trying to get everything ready for the funeral. I wonder if most funeral homes offer customized headstone options.

  6. I did not know that different cemeteries have different regulations and restrictions on the design of a headstone. Speaking to the person-in-charge to find out what the rules are in your cemetery would be important to make sure you know what you need. Making sure you know the regulations before you even begin looking at headstones would probably help you avoid having to make changes in your design so that you can get it done to your satisfaction.

  7. We just recently had my father’s funeral, and we are starting to look into choosing a headstone for his burial spot. But this is the first time my siblings and I had to do something like this, and need some advice. It’s good to know that we need to check with the cemetery to see if they have any restrictions, that way we know if we have to keep it a certain size or anything to do with the design. This is something we will look into before we go pick one out. Thanks for the advice!

  8. Thanks for your tip to make sure that you consider the different types and shapes of headstones there are and what material you might want to use. I didn’t know that you should take into consideration any restrictions for design and materials that the cemetery you are planning on may have. My father-in-law is considering headstones for a funeral that his family has to plan. We will remember this post.

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