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Get Your Free Obituary Templates And Guides In This Article.

1. Basic Obituary Information Gathering

You need to collect a list of names that you would like to include into the Obituary. Make sure that all information are accurate OR to the best of your knowledge especially key dates and correct spelling of names. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

2. Basic Obituary Template

1. Full Name (Deceased) including nickname as well as maiden name.

2. Date Of Birth.

3. Marital Status

4. Whom They Leave Behind To Mourn eg. Spouse, Parent(s), Children, Married Children & Their Spouse, Sibling(s), Niece(s), Nephew(s) or Close Friend(s) etc.

5. Date They Passed Away.

6. Place Of Death (optional).

7. Cause Of Death (optional).

8. Who May Have Passed Away Before Them eg. Mother, Father, Sibling(s), Spouse, Children

Place Of Death and Cause Of Death can be optional. A good example of a simple obituary can be found here.

3. Free Templates For Newspaper Obituaries

– Style and Usage guide from The Denver Post and Rock Mountain News Classified.

4. Other Free Obituary Templates Online (Hope They Can Be Usedful)

If you are reading this article or looking for a sample obituary template, likelihood is one of your close ones has passed away. I offer my condolences to you.

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