Free Obituary Template For Writing Newspaper Obituaries

Need to write a proper obituary on your local newspaper obituaries for your loved ones? I have drafted out a free simple yet comprehensive template which you can use it as a guide to write your obituary. However, as different newspaper agencies accept different obituary formats and styles, below are only some general guidelines for your reference.

Publishing your obituary with online obituaries is different from newspaper obituaries. Newspaper obituaries are typically more professional and provide more important and accurate information to the public. You may draft your obituary in your own words using any of the following 14 elements.

Basic Obituary Template For Newspaper Obituaries

1. Deceased First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name, offset by commas, follows by Age.

– Do not use the word “aged” before the numerical age. Age can be omitted upon the family’s request.

2. State, City and Zip

– Do not use specific street address for the deceased.

3. Cause Of Death (optional)

4. Place Of Death (optional)

– Though this is optional, it has been a customary practice to mention where the deceased died eg. home, hospital or nursing home.

5. Date Of Death

6. Occupation

– List job function or title, name of company and number of years employed by the company. More than 1 occupation can be listed where applicable.

7. Hobbies or Community Involvement

– List memberships, clubs, volunteer work or any noteworthy accomplishments.

8. Military Services

List the different dates and branches of service as well as number of years served.

9. Marriage

– List spouse name and date of marriage. May like to list spouse’s maiden name and state of origin too.

10. Left Behind / Survivors

– List in the order of names and city reside eg. parents, brothers and sisters, children, grand children, step children, cousins etc.

11. Religious Affiliation

12. Place And Time Of Funeral Service

– Name of funeral home, time of visit and viewing hours (please ensure accuracy)

13. Pallbearers And Honorary Pallbearers

14. Contributions And Other Memorials

This template includes examples with basic punctuation and grammatical rules which are applicable to write a proper obituary to publish on general newspaper obituaries. However, it may not necessarily represent the correct style and glossary of terms definitions where applicable, for publication in your local newspaper obituaries.

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